Corporate Services

We can assist you with the following services:

  • Company registration in the UK ...

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 Legal Services

We can provide you with in-house high premium pre-emptive legal support in English and Russian languages in the following areas:

  • reviewing TSO balancing agreements, tenders,...

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 Legal Education and Training

  • Regulation of the legal profession in the UK
    Legal department organization and management structure..

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 Legal Resources

Latest UK Legal Development
Latest UK Business Development ...

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Why to Study Law in the UK?

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What is Law? In order for you to understand the reasons behind studying law in the UK you are required to fully grasp this degree in all its meaning and scope. If you search for...

How to Register a Trademark?

by admin  Comments (0)
What is Trademark? Trademarks are basically signs and designs or even expressions which are used for identification of a particular product or service from a particular source. A trademark helps in differentiating the product or...


It is a real pleasure to work with Pravo, I think it simply and stright forward legal advisers! I was looking for a really good legal servcies for my business in the UK, that would allow to start my new company in the UK. Now I've found it!


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