UK Visas

Apply for a UK visa/immigration

UK immigration is amongst the most sought after immigration in the world. What is that makes this place so special? Is it the location or is it the lifestyle? It is believed that UK offers its citizens the best of everything. UK visas are hence not an easy task to attain and the entire application takes time and tactic especially for those applying from third world countries. Just like any other country UK visa requirements are to be met before application as well. You are supposed to fill the application form up with absolute honesty. You have the option of applying online for the UK visa for a variety of reasons. The different reasons due to which you might consider applying for visas include:

  • Visa to visit
  • Work
  • Study in the UK
  • To live with a family member
  • Live with a partner already residing in UK

In case of those visiting the UK from China; they should choose to apply using a new kind of service for general standard along with:

  • Civil partnership
  • Marriage
  • Permitted paid engagements

In order for you to apply for the visa you would require the following:

  • You must have the original and the photocopy of all the documents needed for the visa
  • You should translate any kind of supporting documents and make sure to include them alongside the originals if those are not in English language.

Tuberculosis (TB) test

It basically depends on where you’re applying from but it is quite likely that you might be needed to get a test for tuberculosis.

Attending an appointment

You should look your appointment location up before application as it can be in a different country.

How long it takes?

Whether it is you visa or complete immigration the time period differs between different cases. It depends on a multiple factors and your intention for visiting the region is one of them.

What is visitor visa?

Visitor visa is basically the type of visa which is most popular outlet for all the individuals looking to visit UK for the sake of tourism or for visiting family. It is also used for business related purposes. The visa is used for single entries in most cases. The government imposed recent changes in the traditional UK immigration system leading to implementation of new rules after 27th November in the year 2008 for the reform of specified categories of visitor visa. The main logic behind the creation of this reform is to ensure that the visitors are experiencing clarity on the activities that they are allowed to do during their visit in UK on a visitor visa. They are not supposed to breach any of the conditions imposed by the government on their stay throughout their stay in UK. Same is the case with those looking to spend time specifically in London as it is the capital of England and regarded amongst the most beautiful capitals of the world.

Why visit UK?

It is highly unlikely for people to not have heard stories about the UK. UK offers you an immense range of diversified reasons as to which you must visit. It is perfect for those looking to spend a short span of time. People are not always visiting UK on a visit or for business purposes. There are other reasons as well such as:

  • Marriage
  • Studying
  • Undertaking of short course
  • Attending an important global event
  • Representing a company or research
  • Test in the UK

This brings up the question of who is allowed as a visitor in the UK. Here are some of the more generalized requirement for coming to the UK as a visitor. These are applied on everyone regardless of their origin and nationality.

  • The individuals interested in visiting the UK should have the tools to thoroughly demonstrate their wish to visit this particular region for not more than six months
  • The individuals have to ensure their departure after six months of the visit.
  • The individuals are required to assure the Visa department of a sufficient funding for the maintenance and accommodation of themselves along with any dependent without any assistance from the public funds of UK.
  • Exceptions to the general rules are those academic visitors along with parents of children studying at UK schools who have the permission to say in UK for as long as twelve months.

Visitor visa is further divided into the following categories:

General Visitors

  • Visiting Family
  • Visiting Friends
  • Tourism
  • Business Visitors

Academic visitors

  • Advisers
  • Consultants
  • Trainers
  • trouble shooters

The trouble shooters are the ones which are employed in the foreign country by the company having a similar branch in the UK.

Sports Visitors

Entertainer Visitors

Special Visitors

  • Visitors for private medical treatment in the UK
  • Visitors intending to marry in the UK
  • Parents of a child at school in the UK
  • Visitors under the UK/China Approved Destination Status (ADS) Agreement

Each category of visitor visa is going to be explained individually to offer you complete understanding of the workings.

 General Visitors

If you’re looking to visit the UK in order to see your family or friends or simply looking to visit the area for the purpose of tourism and sightseeing then you should definitely apply for the general visitor visa. Following are the requirements for the general visitor visa:


  • You will be required to ensure demonstration of your intention to visit the UK for a particular period of time which should not be more than six months.
  • You must explain and present your wish to leave UK after finishing your visit. You have to make them understand your financial funds to cover the costs of return on your way back to your homeland.
  • Your accommodation and maintenance in the country should be visible to the visa office. They should realize that you will not be using any of the public funds for your accommodation. You have the option of showing a family or friends as financial support and for the sake of accommodation as well. This helps in speeding the process up.

There are certain activities which the general visitor visa asks you to refrain from including:

  • You must not intend to study in the UK
  • You must not intend to marry or register a civil partnership in the UK
  • You must not intend to charge the public for services provided or goods received
  • You must not intend to undertake business, sport or entertainer visitor activities
  • You must not be a transit passenger to a country outside the Common Travel Area
  • You must not intend to receive private medical treatment during your visit to the UK

Documents required

If you’re looking to apply as a general visitor then you should make sure that you have all the required basic documentation covered. The documentation includes the following:

  • If you’re employed then you should have a letter from the employer. The letter should state the employer’s approval of your leave for that particular period of time. The details of your employment and duration along with your position and salary etc should be mentioned in the letter. It should talk about the time when you’ll be resuming your work.
  • If you’re self-employed then there will be need of evidence of the operations and activities carried out by your business. The financial credibility and accounts are an important part of this.
  • If you’re studying then you will be required to present a letter from your institution. The letter should confirm your course in detail from the start-finish date to the holiday dates along with the dates of your visit.
  • There should be clear evidence of official ties to your home country. These ties include factors such as ownership of property and family ties and responsibilities.
  • There should be clear evidence and plan of your travels. These include elements such as the itinerary and hotel bookings along with the bookings of ticket.
  • Bank statements for about three to six last months
  • There should be evidence of additional savings as well.


Extension is basically a formal request posed by the visitors to increase the number of days they plan on staying in UK. The maximum UK allows you as a general visitor is six months and not a day more than that. However this particular rule has certain exceptions to it as well. Moreover in case of a visa that was applied for less than six months can easily be extended up to about six months of time. You should bear in mind that the moment your visa expires you will be asked to leave the UK. Remaining in the region beyond the expiry of your visa will be considered as an illegal act and you will be termed as an “overstayer”.