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PRAVO is the leading company registration agent in the UK. We are a professional company registration and company secretarial service provider. We act for numerous clients from around the world.

PRAVO is a specialist professional company registration and corporate service provider. We focus on assisting our clients to ensure that their companies are registered correctly and properly maintained in the future, thereby meeting all their legal obligations under the Companies Act 2006.

Our services are specially designed for clients based outside the UK who need to register a company and who need the services of a professional agent in the UK to manage their company formation and company secretarial requirements.

PRAVO is a pioneer in many services that fall under the realm of corporate services. We aim at providing our customers a one-stop solution to all their corporate services needs and our expertise is unrivalled in the business of UK company registration.

PRAVO provides high quality, practical advice and support on the many aspects of business registration and management, including: 

  • Company incorporation in the UK
  • Registration Agency Service
  • Compliance with Rules and Regulations
  • Assisting to open a corporate bank account
  • Business and Legal Due Diligence
  • Market Research and Analysis
  • Creation of Company’s web-site
  • Digital Marketing and Advertising
  • Company Incorporation in the UK

We will incorporate your UK company with the maximum care and attention to detail. Establishing a company requires much more than simply registering the details with Companies House. A UK company is required by law to keep registers that record director details and the share structure of the business.

PRAVO assists you with the preparation of the most comprehensive and completed set of legal documents required for your company’s incorporation.

PRAVO offers a complete suite of services for business incorporation. Our experience ensures that your company will be compliant from the beginning. We can provide advice on company type and share structures, as well as assist with drafting constitutional and other organisational documents. Our goal is to help you incorporate your company in the way that you need.

PRAVO provides efficient incorporation service that maintains the specialist and expert advice that it renowned for.

Our key features:

Tailored advice

We will not only advise you on the form of entity, the structure and documentation surrounding the new entity, but we will guide you through the entire process with the professionalism and skill.

Use of PRAVO Articles of Association

Based on our extensive experience, we have developed a precedent set of articles of association which is suitable for the needs of many newly-incorporated companies. Should you choose to incorporate your company with us, you may use these articles at no additional cost.

Drafting of Bespoke Articles of Association or Partnership Agreement

We realise that reference versions of articles of association, partnership agreements, and other documents are not suitable for every businesses’ needs. In addition to our standard services, we also offer bespoke drafting services for business entities with multiple shareholders, or other unique situations.

Full Set of Documents

Whether you choose our standard or bespoke services, you will receive a full set of documents related to your business’ incorporation. This includes (but is not necessarily limited to) constitutional documentation, corporate authorisations, certificate of incorporation, share certificates and initial statutory registers.

Integration with our Annual Compliance Service

We offer an optional Annual Compliance Service to ensure that your records are kept up-to-date. We use the latest records management software and data management practices to reduce your headaches by monitoring the details of your entity.

Full Range of Corporate Vehicles

Our range of service-provision is comprehensive. We can assist you with the incorporation of all types of legally recognised English companies and partnerships, including those listed below:

Private Limited Company (LTD)

The private limited company (LTD) is the most common form of corporate vehicle in the UK. It is generally the most suitable option for most trading businesses. We can assist you with incorporating your LTD using “Model” articles of association (as prescribed by the Companies Act 2006) or using PRAVO’s own reference standard articles free of charge. Refer to the articles of association page for more details.

Public Limited Company (PLC)

A public limited company (PLC) has the ability to offer shares that may be freely sold and traded to the public. However, this is not a requirement; many PLCs remain privately held by just a few shareholders. In many cases company directors perceive added value in terms of prestige and image by incorporating as a PLC and affixing the suffix PLC (or plc) to their company name. PLCs face regulations that do not apply to a LTD, including:

  • Minimum share capital must be £50,000, of which 25% (£12,500) must be paid up;
  • It must have an Annual General Meeting (AGM); and
  • It must have a formal company secretary.

Unlimited Companies

An unlimited company is not a common form of incorporation for a trading company because the liability of individual members remains unlimited. However, in situations where confidentiality is key, or where it is advantageous for tax planning, it is sometimes used. 

Companies Limited by Guarantee

Companies limited by guarantee are the vehicle of choice for charitable companies. They are also often appropriate for not-for-profit or non-trading activities, including educational institutions, scientific or research oriented institutions, clubs, societies, or trade associations.

Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs)

Limited liability partnerships combine the benefits of corporate status (i.e. having a legal personality separate from its members) and unlimited capacity with the protection of limited liability for members and the ability to operate and have the same tax status as a traditional partnership.

In addition, LLPs are under no obligation to file a constitution at Companies House, and therefore their profit-sharing arrangements, decision-making structure, exit provisions and other internal rules remain private between the members.

LLPs are popular with professional practices such as lawyers, accountants and surveyors, but are also used in other circumstances where their flexibility or special tax status may be more advantageous than a traditional limited company.

Registration Agency Service

Once your company has been incorporated it is vital that it complies with UK law to keep accurate records and makes routine filings at Companies House on time.

PRAVO provides a combined incorporation and registration agency service designed to be of the greatest benefit to our international clients. We will incorporate your company and provide your registered office, nominee company secretary, director services and director’s service address, and a full managed company secretarial service. We will deal with the appropriate UK authorities on your behalf to ensure your company remains fully compliant with UK law at all times. Companies House filings will always be up to date and your documentation meticulously maintained.

PRAVO will not only to help you to establish your business correctly, but most of all it will help you to stay up to date with any compliance rules and regulations.

UK company law requires companies to maintain statutory registers of members and directors, details of shareholders, allotments of shares, transfers of shares, and mortgages and charges. Companies must also maintain accurate records of official meetings and must issue share certificates according to correct procedures.

PRAVO will ensure that all these documents are kept up to date at all times and we will deal with routine filings required by the UK authorities on your behalf.

PRAVO was established to provide services specifically to clients based outside the UK who will naturally find it more difficult to maintain their companies. Whether such difficulties arise due to language or simply geographical location and time zone differences, we will assist in maintaining your statutory company records that are required under UK law.

PRAVO will assist you with:

  • Providing with the registered office address in London;
  • Providing with the nominee company secretary and director services;
  • Managing the company’s secretarial services and maintaining official records;
  • Providing the director service address to maintain confidentiality;
  • Filing annual returns at Companies House;
  • Filing annual financial statements at Companies House
  • Filing required documents with respect the appointments of new directors and changes to share capital at Companies House;
  • Assisting with necessary changes to be made to the company records and minutes of meetings to approve any changes to be made;
  • Maintaining records of official company meetings; and
  • Meeting facilities in London.

As every business is different and has different requirements, PRAVO can tailor the support you needed by bringing in expertise from different areas to ensure that you receive all support and expertise that you need.

Our team is available either to support specific projects as required or to offer a full outsourcing service or to provide interim cover, either on an in-house basis or remotely as required. Available in a timely, flexible manner, it is a cost effective and efficient resource.

Our directors work with UK holding companies and SPVs, when it is imperative that the company has local, UK resident directors. This can provide perfectly legitimate tax benefits to the company and the group, as well as providing other regulatory benefits.

Our directors are experienced and knowledgeable individuals, who understand the needs of private equity and fund structures.

Compliance with Rules and Regulations

PRAVO can provide legal services to your business. We can guide your business as to how you can comply with the rules, regulations and legal intricacies when it comes to running businesses. Moreover, we can also help your business with tax returns and tax payments  that are due on your business.

We advise a wide range of international clients on regulatory aspects of the UK legislation, including but not limited to financial institutions, energy, mining and commodities, transport, infrastructure technology and innovation.

We use qualified solicitors and chartered secretaries where relevant to ensure that you are legally compliant. Rather than just follow standard processes, our experts will apply their knowledge to your specific circumstances, giving you the confidence that our advice is accurate.

According to the companies’ law in the UK, legal affairs of a company include several facets. These include the following:

Companies and civil law regulations:

  • Forming a company
  • Corporate personality of a company
  • Rules of attribution of a company
  • Capital regulations

Corporate governance regulations:

  • Constitutional separation of the different laws
  • Rights of the shareholders
  • Rights of the employees
  • Duties of the directors
  • Corporate litigation processes

Corporate finance regulations and markets:

  • Debt financing
  • Equity financing
  • Regulations of the market
  • Accounts and auditing
  • M&A and laws governing them

Other regulations:

  • Corporate insolvency
  • Corporate taxation
  • International and offshore corporate law

Assisting to open a corporate bank account

PRAVO can assist your company in opening a corporate bank account for transactions and transfer of payments related to your business.  The corporate bank account is necessary for several reasons, among them: 

  • To ensure that you are running a legitimate business;
  • To provide a clear audit trail so that your tax history can be tracked easily by you, the bank and the governmental authorities; and
  • To be more professional with your business operations.

Business and Legal Due Diligence

PRAVO can also provide due diligence services to your businesses worldwide.  We have expertise and experience in legal due diligence of various legal entities in all aspects of a particular business.

Due diligence is a concept where steps are taken by a business or individual to save their business from a potential tort or offence. It is a comprehensive and detailed audit of a business proposition that is undertaken by a borrower of capital and funds. This is especially in the case where assets and liabilities need to be established and their commercial potential needs to be evaluated.

Due diligence is important because of a few key reasons:

  • Fewer questions that are unanswered and higher confidence when it comes to granting credit;
  • Improvement in relationships and open communication between companies;
  • Reduction in costs as there is lower effort necessary to run background checks; and
  • Reduced regulatory findings.

Market Research and Analysis

Market research and analysis needs are important for conducting business and any business development.

PRAVO fulfils these needs for businesses effectively. It is important to carry out market research and analysis for several reasons:

  • It guarantees the success of a business’s business and advertising campaigns;
  • It helps businesses keep tabs on their competitors; and
  • It can help to minimize losses for your business.

Creation of Company’s web-site

PRAVO can also develop your company web-site for you. Web presence is important for any company as the trends of the 21st century are skewed towards networking and business dealings that are handled online on the World Wide Web. There are several reasons why a company needs to develop their web-site. These include:

  • Your company can reach new customers and markets across the globe;
  • Having a web-site presents a professional and global image of your company;
  • You can save costs by reducing printing and distribution costs;
  • Automation encourages productivity and profitability;
  • You can effectively promote your services and get customer feedback on the internet; and
  • You may also be able to educate customers by improving your advertising reach and effectiveness.

Digital Marketing and Advertising

PRAVO can also answer your digital marketing and advertisement needs. With the new trends of this new century and the rise of the social media, it is important for a business to be up to date and connect with the customers on a daily basis. Digital marketing and advertising is an important tool which can encourage word of mouth and eventually lead to popularity of your business.

All our services are tailor made at competitive rates for our customers. We are conscious about your corporate needs and do our best to bring the best quality of services for you.

PRAVO provides you with a one stop solution; you should not need to worry about how your business will be managed.

We can help you to negotiate legal documents, contracts or agreements as you require for your business needs. Our work is usually on a contractual basis and our fees are quite competitive.


Customer feedback:

“Pravo is one of the few companies I know who can help you to set up your business in the UK at the profession level. These guys understand their clients’ needs and expectations and remove typical barriers for startup companies like us.”

Shavkat from iChecker Limited

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