PRAVO provides an automated and immediate process agent appointment service for overseas companies requiring a UK process agent to accept legal service of process on their behalf.

The appointment of a process agent is required by an overseas company when entering into various contracts governed by English law.

We reduce the burden on you by providing a clear, professional and reliable service that fits in with your needs.

PRAVO offers a rapid, competitive and trustworthy service with its committed and full-time staff.

We provide a simple yet professional service; giving you the confidence that your interests are protected.

In addition to accepting appointments as process agent for court actions, PRAVO acts as an agent for the following:

  • To receive service of documents in arbitration proceedings;
  • To receive notices under contracts where an independent party is needed for this purpose; and
  • For overseas companies with a branch in Great Britain under sections 1046-1053 and 1056 of the Companies Act 2006. It will act on behalf of one or more parties.

We have adopted a simple appointment process which is efficient, professional and robust with single, one-off fee covers the lifetime of the contract.

Our team has been providing address services for a number of years and have the experience and professionalism that you can rely on.

The team includes lawyers who have drafted agent clauses themselves. If you would like advice about the practicalities of the arrangement and how this should be reflected, please get in touch.

Our engagement is a simple and straightforward arrangement which can be largely carried out online.