Top Quality Outsourced Legal Work From Pravo

All firms in the legal services sector need to be able to establish the most cost-competitive, efficient model of operation whilst ensuring top-quality delivery and excellent customer service. By outsourcing legal work to a specialist legal outsourcing provider such as Pravo, your firm can achieve these aims whilst attracting a broader client base by expanding the range of services you can offer.

We support all sectors but have particular specialisms in banking and finance law, energy and utilities, infrastructure, mining and commodities, transport, technology and innovation, including specific knowledge of master trading agreements:

  • ISDA Master Agreements (ISDA 1992 and ISDA 2002)
  • Credit Support Agreements (including VM CSA 2016)
  • Exchange Traded Agreements (ETD)
  • Stock Lending and Repurchase Agreements (GMRA and GMSLA)
  • European Federation of Energy Traders Agreements (EFET Power and EFET Gas)
  • International Energy Traders Agreements (IETA)
  • Standard Coal Trading Agreements (SCoTA)
  • Commodity Annexes For The ISDA Master Agreement (cash settled and physically settled transactions)
  • Prime Brokerage Agreements (PB)
  • Master Netting Agreements (MNA and MA)
  • Cross-Product Master Agreement (CPMA)
  • Grid Trading Master Agreements (GTMA)
  • BBP Terms
  • Terms Sheet
  • Long- Form Confirmation
  • Structured Deals
  • Related Credit Documents such as Guarantees, Letter of Credit, Bank Gurantees etc.

Bespoke packages to suit

Our legal outsourcing services are designed around individual client needs and we put together bespoke servicing options accordingly, providing high-quality work in a cost-effective manner. The varied nature of our clients means that we offer a broad range of diverse legal services – from reviewing documents to helping you to grow your business and develop new commercial relationships. We also have a specialism in reviewing client contractual relationships with third parties and can provide broad support into varied types of UK market entry.

Access to a range of legal specialists

Our outsourced legal service gives our clients access to a broad range of experts and legal functions at the fraction of the cost of maintaining a comparable in-house service. We have staff who can draft contracts and carry out pre-contractual negotiations, draft necessary paperwork and carry out due diligence, advise on legal risks and provide guidance on corporate, regulatory and tax issues. We also have specialists who can advise on complex and specific business legal issues as required. From asset finance advice through to specialist expertise in multi-jurisdictional projects, we are here to help you.

Superb client service

At all times we strive to offer an excellent service that goes above and beyond our client expectations. We seek to understand our clients’ businesses in order to offer the best possible service and we go the extra mile to maintain beneficial working relationships. We also use best practice project and operational management techniques and communicate proactively to ensure you can always see the value that we are delivering for your legal business.

Cost-effective services

Our flexible and bespoke service packages mean that you have the services and experts that you need on hand when you need them – and without the heavy costs and burdens of maintaining a permanent in-house team of such scope and breadth. Whether you choose an ongoing retainer or buy packages of work on a flexible basis as you need them, we can accommodate your needs.

Who we help

Our clients aren’t just large corporate firms – we assist busy professionals, company secretaries and business directors alike who need help with their compliance and corporate administration, covering everything from share buybacks and shareholder agreements and documentation, through to confidentiality agreements and preference share issues. What’s more, we treat all of our clients – no matter how big or small – with exactly the same degree of focus, professionalism and superb customer service, recognising that our business is your business!

Accredited for trust

We stand out from legal outsourcing companies for the quality of our highly-qualified solicitors, legal assistants and other specialists, so you can be confident in the advice that you receive. Our clients comment on the excellent calibre of our team, and we take pride in equipping them with ongoing professional development and regular training so that they are abreast of all legal developments and are able to advise in the best possible way.

Based in the UK

Unlike some legal outsourcing companies, we are also 100% based in the UK and use UK-qualified solicitors and legal staff only when working with our clients. We believe this is essential to guarantee quality of advice, provide excellent communication and facilitate the necessary experience and context that is required to offer a superb service to other British businesses.

Always on hand

Regardless of the legal service support that you need and the timescale that you need it in, our team are on hand and ready to help. Please contact us today to find out how we can help you to grow your legal business, safeguard it and ensure you have the flexible resources on hand to deliver for your own clients.